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Who We Are

Our firm is in the business of delivering results. As stalwart advocates for the little guy, the Law Firm of Beau M. Braunberger focuses on cases typically involving consumers and victims who are up against the seemingly infinite resources of large corporations, insurance companies, and government entities. Our legacy of utilizing our size and flexibility to craft innovative solutions to our clients' ongoing challenges continues to this day.

In order to effectively balance the needs of our clients with the resources available, The Law Office of Beau M. Braunberger operates solely on a referral basis. It is important to our values that prospective clients be referred by current or previous clients, or by business partners, governmental agencies, or attorneys with whom we have a working relationship.

Our Commitment

The Law Office of Beau M. Braunberger is committed to using the resources of our clients effectively and efficiently, in order to seek out and affect positive difference in the lives of people who depend on us for legal representation.

Practice Areas


We know the impact a serious accident can have on our clients and their families. Whether an automobile accident, construction accident, sporting injury, or defective product, trust our firm to guide you through the process to a satisfactory outcome.


The Law Firm of Beau M. Braunberger understands the challenges faced by individuals defending their rights against well-funded, sometimes aggressive corporations. The firm leverages their professionalism and passion to help our clients obtain both justice and compensation for consumer rights violations, including cases involving predatory lending, landlord-tenant disputes, and collection abuse.


With increasing amounts of personal data available to anyone with an internet connection, The Law Firm of Beau M. Braunberger is dedicated to assisting our clients maintain control over their private personal details, while at the same time zealously advocating for transparency from Governmental agencies and corporations that owe a duty to the public to act in their best interest.